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Globally accredited and professionally recognized, our programs harness the value proposition of multiple Homburg Institute courses to produce a thorough curriculum covering a range of highly relevant and practical objectives.

Spearheaded by Homburg’s faculty of real estate experts and veterans, our programs are available in a range of competency milestones.

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Welcome to the Risk and Portfolio Management Program, which is taught by three experts in their fields. This comprehensive program will take the interested learner from the basics of Decision Making, which is taught by Dr. Beate Klingenberg, to the traditional approaches of Risk and Portfolio Analysis, taught by Dr. Tom Geurts, while ending at the advanced topics of Risk Analysis for Private Real Estate Investment, which is taught by Dr. Roger J. Brown. These three know each other and each others research very well, having published numerous articles individually and jointly in academic and non-academic journals.

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Program Outline

1) Decision-Making
Beate Klingenberg
2) Risk and Portfolio Management
Tom Geurts
3) Private Real Estate Investment
Risk Analysis - Roger Brown

In the Real Estate Finance Program, you’ll learn how to structure deals to turn a profit, understand different sources of financing, and master the techniques of real estate investment analysis.

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4 Core Courses

Corporate Finance for Real Estate

Risk and Portfolio Management

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Process

Advanced Real Estate Finance

The Real Estate Development Program will help you to master the skills necessary to effectively evaluate property, manage real estate projects, and use accepted financial models to determine the optimal way of financing or re-financing property.

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4 Core Courses

The Real Estate Development Process

Project Management

Strategic Negotiation

Real Estate Finance

The Basic Business Program is a fantastic program for entrepreneurial individuals already specialized in a real estate role who are looking to start their own business.

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4 Core Courses
Introduction to Business

Corporate Finance

Marketing Essentials

Academic Writing

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