Homburg Institute
Program: Real Estate Development, and Project and Construction Management
2021 | Instructor-Led Program |


Homburg Institute is an online real estate institute based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada that is specialized in commercial real estate programs. Our mission is to provide rigorous, yet accessible, higher education in real estate. The Academy was founded by Dr Richard Homburg, Executive Chairman of the Homburg Group of Companies, a multinational real estate conglomerate active in new development, finance, and asset and property management. The Academy is a community of scholars, professors, and practitioners in real estate, currently numbering 70 in 13 countries. We are united by the common goals to deliver the highest quality real estate programs in the world, and to produce graduates who have highly developed skills by bringing to bear multi-disciplinary insights to the management of complex international real estate issues.

Homburg Academy offers a wide range of Bachelor and Masters degree programs. You can visit us online at www.homburgacademy.org. Homburg Institute is a professional development school in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, that offers a range of certificate and diploma programs, and offers tailor-made corporate training programs.

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