Homburg Institute
Program: Real Estate Development, and Project and Construction Management
2021 | Instructor-Led Program |


What is Homburg On Demand?

Homburg On Demand offers self-paced courses in a wide range of topics in commercial real estate.

How does it work?

Each course contains 10 hours of lecture presentation, delivered by great professors and professionals in commercial real estate. The presentations have been professionally produced to make viewing engaging and interesting. The visuals vary from course to course, so you will find a variety of presentation slides and visual aids.

E-learning specialists have optimized each course to maximize your knowledge and understanding. Each presentation is broken down into easily digestible segments of 15 minutes, followed by a self-assessment quiz. This is designed to direct your learning to key ideas, and to encourage you to reflect on them. If you ‘got it’, then move on. If you are not confident, then go back and watch that segment again.

Are you mobile compatible?

Yes, this website will adjust automatically to your mobile device. Be sure to understand what your data plan includes, as 10 hours of video presentation can consume a lot of data (we are not responsible for your data charges).

Do I get a Certificate?

Yes. At the end of the course, you can print a certificate of completion with a summary of your quizzes.

How long is my course available to me?

Your purchase of a course entitles you to participate in everything that the course offers you for a 12 month period, which is a reasonable amount of time to complete a 10 week course. At the end of 12 months the course will no longer be available to you.


If you are not satisfied with a course you have paid for, you may be entitled to a refund if: i) you request the refund within 7 days of your payment, and ii) you have not watched more than 1 hour of the content. To request a refund, please do so in writing, explaining the reasons for the request, to helpdesk@homburgeducation.org

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