Why you should be watching China’s real estate market


Why you should be watching China’s real estate market


The beauty of the Homburg Institute’s digital model lies in its accessibility. Real estate is a global market, and both students and professionals alike are positioned as such. We are not restricted by borders, because in order to provide the most current and relevant course content, the Homburg Institute has to be everywhere at once. Our faculty comes from all geographies, as do our learners and our news. On that note:


China continues to scale!

After a record real estate investment year in 2015, China’s commercial sales prices rose by another 10% in the first quarter of 2016. The same is true of Hong Kong, whose office market currently sits at the highest globally. Sales in that same quarter more than doubled, bringing the total to 2.9 billion in Q1.

Similarly, a once-messy housing market seems to be shifting in the opposite direction thanks to the relaxation of market regulations and assistance from the government taking the form of lower minimum payments and tax cuts on home transactions. An excellent article on Bloomberg highlights these changes in their entirety, and the effect the swing is having on online property companies as the real estate market returns to strength.

On the flip side of that coin, core housing areas in regions like Shanghai have seen government-issued statements warning against urgent buying, as the boom from bank & policy-driven efforts geared at reinvigorating the market have prices soaring. 

Between an escalating real estate market backed by both banks and the government, and an enormous populace that’s in fear of missing out, things are moving at a frenzied pace. Whether this spike turns our to be for better or for worse, real estate in China is worth your attention right now if only because everything that happens is happening in the extreme. Unless you’re in the throes of taking active advantage of that booming market, now is the time to watch closely, and read often.

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