Why we chose the Moodle LMS for Homburg’s globally recognized eLearning


Why we chose the Moodle LMS for Homburg’s globally recognized eLearning


The Homburg Institute’s catalogue of real estate courses is a digital solution for the needs of the modern learner and professional alike. By offering a digital learning experience, users can access and engage with courseware from anywhere, at any time. With thorough lecture content and an array of experienced faculty at learners’ disposal, we believe we’ve replicated the value proposition of of campus education in the online landscape.


The right LMS

Getting there meant choosing the right learning mamagement system (LMS) - the platform upon which our courseware is stored, sold, and ultimately delivered to you the learner. To maintain a best-in-class real estate education product, we needed the best LMS. That meant recognition, flexibility, and ease of use. Where we landed was Moodle, a ubiquitous platform used by organizations at every end of the spectrum. It’s likely that one or two of the colleges or universities local to you are on Moodle as well!

Known as the world’s most-used LMS, Moodle satisfies all of our courseware delivery needs and boasts over 68 million users worldwide. Originally designed with interaction and collaboration between educator and learner in mind, Moodle empowers faculty to both deliver and create courses within the system. This means our courses are designed within Moodle, leading to an optimized experience that you just don’t see when you upload external courses to other platforms.


Open source

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because Moodle is open source, we have the freedom to modify the software to meet our needs. In other words, Homburg’s Moodle has been custom tailored to welcome users, guide them through the course acquisition process, and lead them to forum’s of discovery and discussion with our faculty. It’s a custom branded experience from start to finish, ensuring that the Homburg ecosystem is consistent and ever-present during your progress.

For a thorough rundown of Moodle’s features and functionality you can visit the platform’s site here. You can also view a free demo of Homburg courseware in action by contacting our faculty, here. From walkthrough tutorials to a free introductory course, we’re happy to get you on the road to an enhanced career in real estate - contact us on social media or through our submission fields for more information.

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