Why Homburg?


Why Homburg?


If you’re interested in real estate, but not sure if the Homburg Institute is right for you, read on for a brief breakdown of who we are, our history, and what the Institute can do for you.


Who we are

The Homburg Group of Companies has been established for over 40 years as a multi-billion dollar Real Estate conglomerate, and has built and delivered high-value Real Estate assets in countries all around the world. Today, we are building intellectual capital and delivering it to you through this advanced research and professional education - The Homburg Institute.

The Homburg Institute is an online education provider focusing on the diverse discipline of Real Estate. Based on the vision of our owner, Dr. Richard Homburg, the Homburg Institute aims to provide professional real estate education across the world.


Our Founder: Dr. Richard Homburg

The Institute was founded by Richard Homburg, who has 40 years of proven international expertise across all areas of real estate management and development. He has developed, built, financed, owned and managed both directly and indirectly, multibillion-dollar portfolios of income properties and development properties in North America and Western and Eastern Europe.

His unparalleled experience and success in the field allowed him to map out what skills and knowledge are necessary for an individual to pursue a lucrative career in real estate.


Our mission

The Institute’s mission is to advance the practice and knowledge of real estate by fostering innovation, original discovery, and new insight on all aspects of the built environment. The institute aims to promote the dissemination of knowledge through professional development training and education courses. The Institute’s goals are as follows:

  • To advance knowledge and practice in the field of real estate through teaching, research, and scholarship.
  • Pursue innovation in programming and in course design/delivery.
  • Deliver excellence in teaching and learning and in the student experience.
  • Foster dialogue and learning between academics and practitioners for mutual advancement of academic ideas and industry practices.
  • Instill interdisciplinary cohesiveness among the subject areas of real estate.
  • Provide global awareness and international perspectives in the field of real estate.
  • Promote the values of professionalism, entrepreneurialism, leadership, global vision, ethics and corporate responsibility in the study and practice of real estate by the Institute and in the study and professional conduct of its students and alumni.


Our faculty

In order to achieve these goals, the Institute leverages the experience of more than 70 experts in the field of real estate in more than 10 countries. Our faculty has taught for prestigious academic institutions such as Georgetown, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and The Central European University. We also bring faculty with practical experience at organizations such as AIG, the Toronto Stock Exchange, Prudential and Bank of America. No other institution, academic or otherwise, can boast this much expertise in the field of real estate.

Our current Director and Associate Professor of Finance and Real Estate at George Washington University Tom Guerts aims to continue improving the quality of our courses, along with our President Phillip Homburg.


What the Homburg Institute can do for you

The Institute is a pioneer in online real estate education; no other organization offers as many programs as we do, either online or on-campus. Our courses can meet the needs of any person seeking real estate education:

If you are a beginner in the field of real estate or are professional looking to further your knowledge in a specific subject, you can select any number of our courses that interest you here. From Marketing Essentials to Advanced Real Estate Finance our courses will provide you with industry relevant knowledge and skills that you can apply in your life.

Hopefully this article helped to inform you of what the Homburg Institute is, and our role in real estate education. If you have any questions regarding our courses, don’t hesitate to contact us here for more information.

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