Professor Highlight: Don Caplan

Professor Highlight: Don Caplan

The Homburg Institute is built on two foundational value propositions: practical, thorough courseware relevant to the real estate industry, and a formidable roster of qualified educators who deliver content and infuse it with their real world experience and insight. With a mission that sounds that good, why not highlight some of the professors who are actuating on it?

This week, we’re bringing Don Caplan into the spotlight. A seasoned post-secondary education expert with more than 30 years spent teaching, consulting, and facilitating courses in business admin, leadership, organization behaviour, HR, and strategic management, Don’s insights are derived from course materials and a wealth of experience alike.



An adjunct professor at Homburg Institute and Royal Roads University in Canada, Don is well known for teaching in the MBA and BCMO programs for the latter. His career has seen him acting as an organizational consultant and a designer & teacher of varying courses in leadership, management, anticipating change, HR management, and Corporate Social and Environmental responsibility and Organizational Relations at both the MBA and BCOM levels.

Aside from several instances of management consultation, Don has also held senior management positions at the Toronto Stock Exchange and as the University of Alberta’s Planning Support Services Director and Director of Improvement Programs, respectively.


At Homburg 

A hybrid specialization in both management strategy consultation and education follows Don to Homburg, where he leverages that expertise to lend credence to the impact of strategic decision-making in both communications and project management in an industry where every move is a significant one. Currently, Don’s primary field of research is Intuition’s affiliation with Management Decision-Making,

Don was born and raised in Montreal, where he acquired his BA in Economics at Sir George Williams University - now Concordia. He spent much of his career in Toronto where he completed his masters of Education at the University of Toronto. For more information, visit our faculty page.

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