Calculating risk with a crystal ball


Calculating risk with a crystal ball


In the game of real estate investment & development, each and every venture needs to be backed by a plan that’s designed to flex, and geared to manage risk and mitigate loss. Understanding risks, where they occur and the implications of each is the only way to appropriately plan for success, make a return on your investment, and avoid disaster. Few things are worse than a venture taken out of commission early.

Circling back to the root ambition of a real estate or development venture, which is to make a return on your investment, means leveraging some, or all of the fundamental necessities available to you. Market awareness, formidable foundational education of developed skills, and a diverse roster of external utilities all come into play when calculating your next big move.

A crystal ball, minus the fairytale

One of the external utilities we advocate for at Homburg Institute is Oracle’s Crystal Ball software suite. A complex program that offers incredible forecasting and simulation, it ranks among the rare pieces of software that will give back as much value as you commit to it. In addition to its unparalleled algorithms accounting for the critical factors that affect risk, its spreadsheet-based predictive models empower you to make intelligent and informed decisions.

It’s no secret that real estate is a competitive space. As vital to your success as calculated planning is recognizing opportunities to gain an edge at any given moment - during standard, or turbulent market environments. As we strive to collaborate with you on a qualified and capable future in real estate, Oracle’s Crystal Ball fits that criteria to the letter, and as such, is offered as detailed Real Estate Program at the Homburg Institute.

Leveraging spreadsheet expertise

Learners with a pre-existing familiarity with Microsoft’s Excel software and the concepts of IRR (internal rate of return) and NPV (net present value) will find that Oracle’s Crystal Ball is already speaking their language. Those without will find all the background information they need present the Oracle Core Package.

Consisting of roughly 11 hours of video-based courseware designed to give you step by step instructions on creating Pro Forma models and leveraging them to analyze the financial performance of investment and development ventures, Real Estate Pro Forma Modeling is the first of two courses housed in Oracle Core.

Moving on to Risk Quantification using Crystal Ball means applying practical knowledge to a concentrated software utility. Arguable the only real estate financial modelling courseware with up-close and personal tutorials, you’ll work from within your own viable spreadsheets, which we encourage you to modify for future projects!

At the end of the day, you’ll be equipped with both the knowledge and the toolset to effectively calculate risk, content with the implications of each venture, and hopefully, secure a return on your investments. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us directly - we’re happy to answer any and all of your questions.

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