Breaking down the programs: Basic Business


Breaking down the programs: Basic Business


The Homburg Institute’s DNA carries with it two separate, but equally important philosophies: creating a learning atmosphere that encourages practical, applicable real estate education, and to catering to the broadest spectrum of learners possible. Established professionals to up-and-coming real estate students, suites of courses to one-off advancement training. The more variety we can offer in format and topic, the more likely we are to serve the needs of a real estate community that’s really quite diverse.

On that note, we’re bringing breaking down the programs into the spotlight. A short series designed to do a deep dive into the content of the Homburg Institute’s programs, we’ll be looking at individual objectives and the overall impact of these courses when delivered in unison. This week’s subject is the Basic Business program, home to four core courses: Introduction to Business, Corporate Finance, Marketing Essentials and Academic Writing.


Introduction to Business

At the core of it all. Every real estate venture is a business venture, and introduction to business is akin to taking that pivotal first step. Perhaps the most critical mistake an individual makes stepping into the landscape of real estate and putting their money on the line is that the system was built for the everyman. The reality is a great deal different, and only those with a significant knowledge of the world of business will thrive in an industry with so many moving parts. Organization or individual, your time spent in real estate is a business venture.

What seems preliminary is made all the more meaningful when you keep your end-of-the-line goals in mind, but make no mistake - Introduction to Business with Danette O’Neal is a vital and informative place to start for anyone considering a career in business. Strategic and financial planning, international practices, quality assurance; you’ll finish the course with a formidable foundation in business operations, and will be able to lend context to, and succeed with, other elements of the real estate process taught by The Homburg Institute.


Corporate Finance

Basic business wouldn’t be complete without corporate-flavoured finance, but many learners still cringe at the sight of the word. Despite that, in the context of real estate financial managers are making critical devisions every day that affect projects of every scale, and their involvement is all but a necessity.

An intelligent businessperson will be able to understand and communicate data from financial and market sources alike, which is why Corporate Finance with Joy Chan is geared to impart practical conventions and principles, and techniques for the manufacturing, merchandising, and service industries. The application to real estate is inherently tied to project funding allocation, investment analysis, and many others, but learners of many industries will find significant value here.


Marketing Essentials

It’s no secret that entrepreneurial ventures and organizations alike can succeed of fail on the foundation of their marketing campaigns. Strategically relevant and impactful marketing is the result of analysis as much as it is experience, and so Modern Marketing Essentials with Don Caplan was designed to develop the skills required to communicate value to targeted markets. To do so, one must recognize the complexity of today’s business environment and the mechanisms used to capture interest. A course absent any pre-requisites, it is nonetheless applicable to nearly any business or entrepreneurial venture in the modern world, where marketing utilities and strategies come in an array of varieties and provide significant leverage for those who can harness them.


Academic Writing

Writing is one of the most important facets of communication in the world of business and thus, in real estate. Academic Writing with Chad Larson is focused on exploring these components of communication by digging into argument structure, communicating critical judgment, analysis of copy, and concise, prevailing thoughts used to craft thorough and impactful pieces of writing.

Students and working professionals alike will benefit from the ability to write clearer reports, structure long bodies of copy, and create writing that’s professional and, perhaps most importantly, convincing. Academic writing is your key to opening otherwise locked doors in the world of business, and will compliment your capacity to communicate with peers on multiple fronts.

For more information on this program and others like it, contact the Homburg Institute faculty, visit our listings page, or drop by one of our social media channels.

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