A 2016 retrospective and a happy holiday


A 2016 retrospective and a happy holiday


It’s been a huge year for the Homburg Institute. Our presence online has never been more active and our commitment to publishing content that’s useful and complimentary to our courses hasn’t wavered. We’ve uploaded guides to investing, green architecture evaluations, and even professor highlights. Perhaps most excitingly, we came together to develop what we think is our most intensive and practical real estate marketing course to date, which will be available early 2017. Take a look at some highlights:


Investing in real estate: net income and property types

In many areas (look at Toronto, Vancouver, and even China to name a few) the real estate market is moving rapidly and properties are exchanging hands where once they were not. Office space and housing alike - with real estate showing up in the news and everyday dialogue, many are considering the pros and cons of becoming an investor. The difference between an amateur and a professional investor is as much education as it is experience... Read the full article here!


A look at the White House’s Housing Development Toolkit

When the White House publishes a white paper, it warrants some attention. Published online... the Housing Development Toolkit takes a close and critical look at some of America’s more prominent issues. Income and economic issues, homelessness levels, and segregation all ultimately come back to the land-use policies of America’s large cities and suburbs, according to the Obama administration. Read the full article here!


Professor Highlight: Dr. Margot Weinstein

This week, we’re bringing Dr. Margot Weinstein into the spotlight. A successful business owner, speaker, educator and career consultant, Dr. Weinstein boasts over 30 years experience developing academic programs. Experience rooted in over 150 interviews with CEOs of major real estate, banking, and HR development organizations. Read the full article here!


Marketing Essentials and Marketing Plan - coming in January 2017!

Our most recent offering is being spearheaded by Don Caplan. Don’s impressive resume of over 30 years spent educating and consulting on topics like business admin and strategic management make him an ideal lead for Homburg’s Marketing Plan courseware, where you’ll harness all that Marketing Essentials has to offer and put those assets to work developing a true marketing strategy that you can take with you into the field. Read the full article here!


Wrapping up 2016

Just about everyone from every industry can agree that 2016 was full of memorable moments and bizarre votes. For us, the real estate market was an entity in constant upward motion throughout the year, and it was an interesting topic to cover and teach.

We’re really excited to launch the Marketing Essentials and Marketing Plan course and drill a great deal deeper into our Professor Highlight series in 2017, and look forward to having you along for the ride!

From all of the faculty at the Homburg Institute, we hope you have an excellent holiday and a fantastic 2017.

- Phillip Homburg

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