Marketing Essentials and Marketing Plan - coming in January 2017!

Marketing Essentials and Marketing Plan - coming in January 2017!

It should come as no surprise that Homburg Institute offers a broad catalogue of courses that are relevant to real estate and build the fundamental skills that professionals will need to be successful in that arena.

Homburg’s faculty strive to develop courses that encompass finance, project management, communication skills, strategy, marketing and more. By offering those fundamentals we’re in a position to take the education process a step further, offering thorough and, at times, one on one implementation coaching.

Our most recent offering of this nature is being spearheaded by Don Caplan, whose Professor Highlight you can view here. Don’s impressive resume of over 30 years spent educating and consulting on topics like business admin and strategic management make him an ideal lead for Homburg’s Marketing Plan courseware, where you’ll harness all that Marketing Essentials has to offer and put those assets to work developing a true marketing strategy that you can ‘take with you into the field’, so to speak.


Step one: essentials

Most might come to the incorrect conclusion that marketing is marketing for any industry. In a broader sense, they might be closer to correct. Modern marketing mediums and practices are tried and true across just about every industry - but any expert will tell you that the nuances at work are what set tone for marketing in each business landscape.

While marketing in real estate is, fundamentally, similar to marketing in other occupations, the devil is in the details. When it comes to real estate, marketing is as much, if not more about selling yourself as it is about selling a product or service. Marketing Essentials covers a formidable list of basic principles, but in the end focuses on personal branding that builds trust and magnetism.

We look at branding in general, and some of the more significant successes and failures that from which learners can glean insight. In so doing, learners will discover that real estate marketing is about customer lifetime value through establishing trusting relationships. Over the span of three courses, learners will secure the practical skill set they need to drive real value out of Homburg’s Marketing Plan course. 


Step two: plan

By now valuation, pricing, the difference between selling yourself vs selling a product, and the suite of real estate marketing basics are at your disposal. With Marketing Essentials behind you, it’s time to harness what you know and put together a viable strategy that you can use to grow your business and add value for your clients. This is where things get a little more collaborative, as we work together with you to develop a meaningful marketing plan.

Things kick off by documenting exactly how you’re going to communicate to a target prospective. From there, we’ll evaluate the landscape your competitors are working within and identify any weaknesses or opportunities.

The goal at the forefront of this course is to create thorough documentation on how to market yourself successfully and competitively while accounting for the political, economic, and social implications at work for and against you. Then, we’ll take a look at the technology you’ll want to use to deliver to the right demographics.


A strategy in your marketing arsenal

As you’ve completed this program, you’ll step away with real documentation empowered by your insight and our expertise. With it, you’ll be equipped to put what you know to work. No nonsense - just marketing essentials, strategy, and ultimately, execution. A real estate-coloured lens on the program means everything is tied to your professional growth goals and, perhaps best of all, you’ll now be in a position to recreate and revise marketing strategies in the future. You can thank us later. This program will be available in January of 2017. To enrol, contact us! Because of the collaborative nature of Marketing Plan, seats are limited, so act fast.

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