3 Advantages of eLearning

3 Advantages of eLearning

Without a doubt, the most interesting development in 21st century education has been the online course. Although educational resources have been stored online as early as the 1980s, never before has the complete learning experience been digitized to be compatible on our computers, tablets and mobile devices.

A teacher isn’t confined to one classroom full of students anymore - lectures and lessons can be recorded and distributed all over the world (where there’s internet, of course.) Workbooks, tests, and other essential materials all have their online counterparts - even peer reviews are possible with sophisticated course software and utilities.

However, we recognize that online learning is still a new educational platform for many learners. If you’re considering enrolling in one of our real estate courses, but have never been in an eLearning environment before, we’d like to share 3 advantages to the medium that are sure to make your experience with us practical and exceptional.


1. Modern, up-to-date-courseware

As any real estate professional will tell you, the market is always changing. Whether it’s because of the current economic climate or new regulations in your country of residence, practices that made sense 20 years ago may not be realistic or efficient today. 

Online courseware suffers no such limitations. The nature of digital materials leaves Homburg faculty in a position to edit and update course content at any time, meaning our programs house only the most up to date and relevant information at any given time.


2. Engaging Courses

All of our courses are outfitted with video lectures, comprehensive tests, assignments, and long term commitments designed to enhance your consumption of information. Our faculty pride themselves on course design, and are always iterating courseware, as they strive for the ultimate real estate learning experience.

And, if you ever need help browsing our library of video content or finishing an assignment, our Homburg support team (or fellow students) are here to help!


3. Learn wherever, whenever!

Homburg’s courseware is available anywhere you can connect to the internet, giving our students the ability to engage with classes or lectures on the fly, and from anywhere they feel most productive. In the market to read up on estate finance and investment at 2AM? Be our guest!

Learning remotely also eliminates the need to commute, and leaves you free to see to your professional obligations. No 9-5 commitments, no transportation fees, no lost productivity. Our goal is to help you to seamlessly incorporate your Homburg experience with your everyday life. 

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