Dr. Tom Geurts


Dr. Tom Geurts


Professor Tom Geurts, of George Washington University, holds a PhD in Real Estate and Finance from Pennsylvania State University (1998); an M.S., Economics, University of Amsterdam (1991); an M.S., Political Science, University of Amsterdam (1991), and a B.S., Civil Engineering, Higher Technical College Zwolle (1987). In his distinguished career, Dr Geurts was Director of Academic Affairs of the NYU Real Estate Institute, the largest masters-level real estate program in the world. He has also served as Director of Research, and authored and co-authored quarterly market reports for Manhattan, New Jersey, and Fairfield/Westchester, containing real estate market information, trend analysis, and predictions. Dr Geurts has Presented at twenty-six national and international conferences, taught numerous courses at four universities with high student ratings, gave guest lectures at another seven universities in Europe and North America. He is author of twenty-one academic publications, and will soon publish a book on Global Real Estate Investment in the Homburg-Oxford University Press Advances in Real Estate book series.

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