Strategic Negotiation

Instructor: Dr. Juan Diaz
Course ID: RE7002

Strategic Negotiation

Instructor: Dr. Juan Diaz Course ID: RE7002

This course enables you to learn and to deploy successful negotiation strategies for business in general. You will embark on a journey through the process of negotiation, from the pre-negotiation phase, to gaining agreement. At the end of the course, you will understand the main theories and conceptual approaches to negotiation, in particular the meaning and nature of negotiation tactics, including coercive, win-win, and problem-solving techniques, and the opportunities and risks of each approach. You will recognise and interpret the process of negotiation, including such concepts as the moments of ‘ripeness’, ‘hurting stalemates’ and other terms of art in the field of negotiation. You will understand the influence of culture on negotiation, the art of cross-cultural communication, and how to succeed in international negotiations. You will also compare the different forums in which negotiation takes place, including bilateral and multilateral negotiation, and the differences and similarities between inter-firm negotiation, government relations, and lobbying.

Key Outcomes

Lecture 1 - Introduction to Negotiations

Lecture 2 - Distributive Bargaining

Lecture 3 - Interest-Based Negotiation

Lecture 4 - Negotiation Analysis

Lecture 5 - Process Design

Lecture 6 - Inter-cultural Competence

Lecture 7 - Multilateral Negotiation Theory

Lecture 8 - Communication

Lecture 9 - Dealing with Difficult People

Lecture 10 - Beyond Negotiations towards adding Mediation

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