RE4010 Statistics

Instructor: George Morrison

RE4010 Statistics

Instructor: George Morrison

Statistics may be intimidating to the beginner. George Morrison has been a patient teacher over many years to thousands of people, like you, who want to learn statistics in a way that makes the topic approachable, understandable, and relevant. Students and academics use statistics to make sense of a vast amount of data. Business people use statistics to support business decisions. While some examples in this course are about real estate, some are just about generally interesting things. Homburg Academy’s more advanced finance classes relate quantitative analysis to a range of problems in real estate. This course eases you into the concepts, tools, methods, and approaches of statistical analysis. You will come away with knowledge that will give you an edge when you undertake research, or make your business decisions. You will learn how to pull vital information out of raw data by sampling, analyzing, organizing, and displaying your information in ways that best support your findings.

Key Outcomes

Lecture 1 - Introduction to Statistics

Lecture 2 - Numerical descriptive measures

Lecture 3 - Probability

Lecture 4 - Discrete probability distribution.

Lecture 5 - Continuous probability distribution

Lecture 6 - Sampling distributions

Lecture 7 - Estimation

Lecture 8 - Practical applications

Lecture 9 - Hypotheses testing

Lecture 10 - Estimation and hypothesis testing two populations

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