RE7021 Risk and Portfolio Management

Instructor: Dr. Tom Geurts

RE7021 Risk and Portfolio Management

Instructor: Dr. Tom Geurts

This course will help you, as a manager of portfolio investments – or as a person who hires one – to understand the role of real estate in a diversified portfolio. You will learn to describe and quantify that multi-faceted companion to reward: Risk. This course will outline principles of portfolio investment strategy, and compare the concepts and processes of sourcing and underwriting. It will describe the nature of real estate in diversified portfolios, and show you how to identify real estate correlations. You will understand the concepts and methods for due diligence, and compare the operation of internal risk rating systems. By the end of the course, you will be able to describe portfolio management techniques and instruments, including risk and return, and diversification, securitization, hedging, and derivatives. You will also be better able to understand and explain the interaction between the property market and the investment market.

Key Outcomes

Lecture 1 - Introduction to Risk and Portfolio Management

Lecture 2 - Creating a Portfolio

Lecture 3 - Beta as a Measure of Risk

Lecture 4 - Including Real Estate in the Portfolio

Lecture 5 - Pitfalls and Plain Mistakes

Lecture 6 - Applying Portfolio Management to REITs

Lecture 7 - Global Risk and Portfolio Management One

Lecture 8 - Global Risk and Portfolio Management Two

Lecture 9 - IAPM Investment and Portfolio Management

Lecture 10 - Behavioral Real Estate Decisions

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