Real Estate Investment Analysis

Instructor: Frank Gallinelli
Course ID: RE7026

Real Estate Investment Analysis

Instructor: Frank Gallinelli Course ID: RE7026

The field of real estate investment can be overwhelming, with many different calculations and variable to choose from. The Real Estate Investment Analysis course will help you cut through the clutter, helping you identify the best investments and potential acquisitions that will maximize your profits while diminishing your risk of loss. Through lectures, case studies and discussions, you’ll learn the meaning of finance terminology, income streams, cash-flow analysis, data collection, and measures of investment return. By discovering what all the data means, you’ll gain a valuable understanding of the uses and limitations of real estate investment analysis in ways that strengthen and complement your financial knowledge.

Key Outcomes

Lecture 1 - What is an Investment?

Lecture 2 - Property Analysis, Part 1

Lecture 3 - Property Analysis, Part 2

Lecture 4 - The Time Value of Money

Lecture 5 - Financing Calculations; Measures of Value

Lecture 6 - Measures of Investment Return

Lecture 7 - Case Studies

Lecture 8 - Case Study - Apartment Complex

Lecture 9 - Case Study - Retail Strip Center

Lecture 10 - Comparative Investments: Mixed-Use vs Single-Tenant NNN

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