RE6012 Real Estate Finance

Instructor: Kenneth Bigel

RE6012 Real Estate Finance

Instructor: Kenneth Bigel

This course will cover real estate financing sources, valuation techniques, and the secondary markets. Relevant tax and legal issues will also be covered. The student will learn how to price real estate, locate means by which real estate may be financed and acquisitions may be completed, and transfer real estate assets via the secondary and other markets to new parties. The student will master quantitative valuation techniques within the framework of tax and legal limitations, and market mechanisms.

Key Outcomes

Lecture 1 - Real Estate Finance: An Overview

Lecture 2 - Finance Theory and Real Estate

Lecture 3 - Alternative Mortgage Instruments

Lecture 4 - Financing and Property Values

Lecture 5 - Federal Housing Policies

Lecture 6 - Valuation of Mortgage Securities

Lecture 7 - Controlling Default Risk Through Borrower Qualification, Loan Underwriting, and Contractual Relationships

Lecture 8 - Loan Origination, Processing, and Closing

Lecture 9 - Mortgage Default Insurance, Foreclosure, and Title Insurance

Lecture 10 - Federal Taxation and Real Estate Finance

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