RE7009I Project Management

Instructor: Penny Farrar

RE7009I Project Management

Instructor: Penny Farrar

This course provides a thorough presentation of the essential tools and techniques for project management. It is designed to enable you to understand the theories, concepts, and approaches to project management, which you can apply to the process of Real Estate development, or to other large scale projects. You will also understand how to identify, investigate, analyse, formulate and advocate solutions to problems; and develop your problem solving skills; establish schedules, priorities and deadlines; establish resource requirements including the multi-functional project team; establish the project framework and the work breakdown and flow structure; plan the mitigation of risk, and understand the importance of pro-active risk management.

Key Outcomes

Lecture 1: Introduction to projects and PMBOK 

Lecture 2: Initiating your project    

Lecture 3: Planning your project (1): Project Scope Management 

Lecture 4: Planning your project (2): Project Schedule Management 

Lecture 5: Planning your project (3): Project Cost Management 

Lecture 6: Planning your project (4): Project Risk Management 

Lecture 7: Executing your project

Lecture 8: Monitoring and Controlling your project (1): Control project scope, schedule and costs

Lecture 9: Monitoring and Controlling your project (2): Implementing required changes 

Lecture 10: Closing your project    

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