Introduction to Real Estate Investment

Instructor: Mark Polon
Course ID: RE6008

Introduction to Real Estate Investment

Instructor: Mark Polon Course ID: RE6008

This course will introduce the student to the motivations of investors in the commercial real estate market.  It will allow students to see how investors make decisions based on the integration of information about market demographic trends, market leasing trends, and the specific cash flow trends of a property.  Market cycles of specific property types will also be discussed.

Key Outcomes

  • Different types of commercial real estate.
  • The relationship between capital markets and space markets.
  • Distinguish the difference between investor and user requirements.
  • Recognize the primary valuation methodologies for assets.
  • Name lease clauses that have the greatest impact on asset values.
  • The lending process and leverage in the purchase of commercial real estate.
  • Tax consequences of the ownership of commercial real estate.
  • Explain the impact of capital markets on the value of real estate.
  • Distinguish between the various kinds of commercial real estate.
  • Identify and compare user and owner requirements.

Lecture 1. The Commercial Real Estate Universe
Lecture 2. Capital and Space Markets
Lecture 3. Commercial Real Estate Assets 
Lecture 4. Leases 
Lecture 5. Time Value of Money Concepts 
Lecture 6. Basic Measures of Performance
Lecture 7. Advanced Measures of Performance
Lecture 8. Taxation of Commercial Real Estate
Lecture 9. Financing Commercial Real Estate
Lecture 10. Pro formas and Decision Making

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