Introduction to Business

Instructor: Danette O’Neal
Course ID: RE4050

Introduction to Business

Instructor: Danette O’Neal Course ID: RE4050

Every journey begins with a single step. If you are considering a career in business, your first step should be this introductory course. Gain the essentials and learn the foundations of business processes and practices. This course will familiarize you with business organizations and the business environment, strategic and financial planning, international business, and quality assurance. You’ll finish this course with a thorough foundation in business operations that will put you one step ahead, and ready to confront and contextualize the challenges that await you on your journey into the world of business.

Key Outcomes

Lecture 1 - The Business Environment

Lecture 2 - Macro Economics and Capitalism

Lecture 3 - The Global Market

Lecture 4 - Forms of Business Ownership

Lecture 5 - Entrepreneurship and Accounting

Lecture 6 - Types of Financial Securities

Lecture 7 - Marketing Research and Strategies

Lecture 8 - Marketing and Distribution

Lecture 9 - Human Resource Management

Lecture 10 - Labor Unions, Collective Bargaining & Business Law

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