English Composition

Instructor: Chad Larson
Course ID: RE4006

English Composition

Instructor: Chad Larson Course ID: RE4006

What first impression are you making through your writing? You can look and smell great, and have a gifted radio voice, but the high-tech information age we live in requires you to make first impressions and sell yourself in writing. These days, we make introductions by email, we tweet, and we write blogs. We craft web pages, we write commercial letters, and we sell ourselves on social media and in the marketplace. This course will help you to sharpen your written image by leading you through a review of the rules and practice in spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. You will also study the form and content of effective writing, including writing correct and varied sentences, as well as effective paragraphs.

Key Outcomes

Lecture 1 - The Parts of Speech and the Roles of Subjects and Verbs in the Basic Sentence

Lecture 2 - Coordination and Subordination

Lecture 3 - Using Complex/Compound Sentences and Word Groups to Create Variety

Lecture 4 - A Thorough Discussion of Verbs and Avoiding Verb Problems

Lecture 5 - Verb Tenses

Lecture 6 - Ineffective Modifiers and Unparallel Language

Lecture 7 - Pronouns

Lecture 8 - The Writing Process

Lecture 9 - Proper Spelling Practices

Lecture 10 - Punctuation using Commas Hyphens and others

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