Creating Reliable Valuations

Instructor: Mark Polon
Course ID: RE6007

Creating Reliable Valuations

Instructor: Mark Polon Course ID: RE6007

This course explains 10 valuation methodologies and ranks their effectiveness in markets lacking comparable sales data. Each method is explained and demonstrated through examples and case studies. At the end of this course, you will be able to: recognize the relationship between outside and inside influences on the value of a real estate asset; identify alternatives for creating reliable valuations of real estate assets; define the relationship of the capital market to the space and property market; analyze the value of existing income producing assets including office, retail, industrial, and apartment; examine viability of contract rent and the prediction of market vacancies; calculate various measures of return and performance on all varieties of income producing real estate; choose between the most reliable methods of valuation based on current market conditions; and predict future income for an asset based on market conditions and contract tent.

Key Outcomes

Lecture 1 - The Role of Market Conditions

Lecture 2 - Demographics and Psychographic Data

Lecture 3 - Historical Data, Uses and Pitfalls

Lecture 4 - Trends, Rates and Spreads

Lecture 5 - Measures of Return and Performance

Lecture 6 - Office Case Study Part 1

Lecture 7 - Office Case Study Part 2

Lecture 8 - Retail Case Study

Lecture 9 - Industrial Case Study

Lecture 10 - Multi-family Case Study

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