Business Law

Instructor: Kristi Tafalla
Course ID: RE5038

Business Law

Instructor: Kristi Tafalla Course ID: RE5038

This course will provide students with a fundamental introduction to Business Law, including: principles of business law, contracts, sales and leases, agency and employment, forms of business organisations, government regulation, and property and its protection.

The course will cover a basic discussion of law and sources of law.  The course will provide students with an understanding of how those laws apply to routine business transactions. Finally, the course will discuss ethical issues related to business law. Analysis of relevant cases and current issues in the law will be incorporated. 

Key Outcomes

  • Describe the nature of law in general. Describe the history and sources of law, both domestic and international
  • Define Business Ethics and describe the methods of ethical reasoning
  • Describe International Principals and Doctrines and identify the issues associated with doing business internationally.
  • Identify the types of contracts, describe the basic requirements of contracts, discuss contract discharge and remedies, and discuss e-contracts and their importance for the future.
  • Describe the agency and employment relationships and the key players involved in such relationships
  • Describe the different types of business entities; identify the advantages and disadvantages of each entity type.
  • Describe secured transactions; identify creditor’s rights and remedies; recognise the basics of bankruptcy; discuss the insurance contract; discuss mortgages and foreclosures.
  • Identify the types of property and their key features; discuss the landlord-tenant relationship.


Lecture 1 - Introduction to Law & Ethics (Chapters 1, 2) 40 mins & International Law (Ch 43) 20 mins
Lecture 2 - Contracts (chapter 8-17) Part 1
Lecture 3 - Contracts (chapter 8-17) Part 2
Lecture 4 - Contracts (chapter 8-17) Part 3
Lecture 5 - Contracts (chapter 8-17) Part 4
Lecture 6 - Domestic and International Sales and Leases (Ch 18-23)
Lecture 7 - Agency and Employment (26-27)
Lecture 8 - Business Organizations (29-30)
Lecture 9 - Creditor’s Rights and Bankruptcy (Ch 32-36)
Lecture 10 - Property and its Protection (Ch 37-39)


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