Advanced Real Estate Finance

Instructor: Roger Staiger
Course ID: RE7019l

Advanced Real Estate Finance

Instructor: Roger Staiger Course ID: RE7019l

This course aims to provide you with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the main concepts and practices of finance for investment in commercial real estate, including: the design and pricing of different mortgage instruments, and how to compare different mortgage products; commercial mortgages and residential mortgages, and the differences between them; and the secondary mortgage market and the structure and valuation of mortgage-backed securities. In doing so, this course covers: the Financial Analysis of Real Estate, Debt Financing, Effects of Leverage, Valuation Process, Different Forms of Capital, and Understanding of the Real Estate Market.

Key Outcomes

Lecture 1 - Real Estate Market Overview and Introduction to Pro Forma

Lecture 2 - Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) – Valuation

Lecture 3 - Interest Rates

Lecture 4 - Risk/Return Portfolio

Lecture 5 - Fixed & Variable Rate Mortgages

Lecture 6 - Legal Overview – U.S. Perspective

Lecture 7 - Valuing Income Producing Properties

Lecture 8 - Optimal Capital Structure

Lecture 9 - Housing Futures and Options

Lecture 10 - Securitization

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