Accounting for Business Managers

Instructor: Joy Chan
Course ID: RE5015

Accounting for Business Managers

Instructor: Joy Chan Course ID: RE5015

Real Estate professionals need to be able to review and extract data from financial statements in order to assess the financial viability of a business. In addition, knowledge of cost concepts and budgeting will enable Real Estate professionals to better manage projects and improve their decision-making.

There are 2 sections in this course: financial and management accounting. In the financial accounting section, participants will be introduced to the three key financial statements (Balance sheet, Income statement and Cash flow statement), and emphasis will be placed on understanding the presentation of assets, liabilities and owner’s equity as well as the measurement of revenues and expenses. In the second section, participants will learn that management accounting is essentially as a tool for internal management decision-making, planning and control. The behavior and estimation of costs and cost-volume- profit relationship; break-even analysis; budgeting and budget variances will all be analyzed from a managerial perspective.

This course is designed for consumers as opposed to producers of accounting information and hence, it will draw upon real-life illustrations and scenarios to ensure that the concepts and models expounded remain interesting, relevant and challenging.

Key Outcomes

Lecture 1 - Conceptual Framework of Accounting

Lecture 2 - Measuring and Reporting Financial Position – Balance Sheet

Lecture 3 - Measuring & Reporting Financial Performance – Income Statement

Lecture 4 - Measuring & Reporting Cash Flow

Lecture 5 - Interpreting Accounts and Financial Ratios Analysis Part 1

Lecture 6 - Interpreting Accounts and Financial Ratios Analysis Part 2

Lecture 7 - Costing and Break-even analysis

Lecture 8 - Costing Management system

Lecture 9 - Budgeting and Budget analysis

Lecture 10 - Improving decision-making

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