Academic Writing

Instructor: Chad Larson
Course ID: RE4002

Academic Writing

Instructor: Chad Larson Course ID: RE4002

This is both a writing course as well as a course in communication. It imparts essential, transferable skills necessary to support student learning and achievement throughout your program of study and into the workplace environment. You will learn everything from structuring an argument, to communicating critical judgment and effective analysis of prevailing thoughts to produce coherent, unified, and thorough pieces of written communication. If you are a student at university or college, this course will help you to structure your term papers and assignments to write more compelling papers. If you are a working professional, you will learn how to write better reports, and make your work output more professional.

Key Outcomes

Lecture 1 - The Basics of Writing and Reading in Academia

Lecture 2 - Critical Reading and Thinking Skills and How to Apply Them to Source Information

Lecture 3 - The Early Stages of the Writing Process: The Role and Necessity of Planning, Outlining, and Drafting to Lay a Strong Foundation for Written Communication

Lecture 4 - Grammar and Punctuation Issues for Both Speakers of English as a Foreign Language and Native Speakers

Lecture 5 - Using Summaries, Paraphrasing, and Direct Quotations of Source Materials in Your Own Writing

Lecture 6 - Using Analysis to Provide an Informed Critique of Source Materials

Lecture 7 - Using MLA and APA Standards and Guidelines for Citation of Reference Sources to Avoid Plagiarism

Lecture 8 - Making Connections between Source Materials to Generate New Ideas and Strengthen Your Writing

Lecture 9 - Making an Effective Argument through the Skilled Use of Appeals and Logic

Lecture 10 - The Later Stages of the Writing Process: Using Revision and Editing to Strengthen the Effectiveness of Your Writing

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